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Free, Safe Visits to Milwaukee Area Archaeological Sites (PDF 1.7mb)

Dr. Charles E. Brown, Archaeological History of Milwaukee County (PDF 6.8mb)
From the Wisconsin Archaeologist, 1916, Vol 15(2)26-105.

The Solutrean Question

The Solutrean hypothesis is base on the claim that the North American Clovis stone spear points are the technological descendants of a subset of those made by the Upper Paleolithic southwestern European Solutrean peoples.

YouTube Link: The Iberian Connection: Constructing the Solutrean Solution
Dr. Dennis J. Stanford of the Smithsonian Institution was the featured speaker at the 2008 Nobel Conference held at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota. He spoke on the initial peopling of North America and a possible European Solutrean connection.

Podcast Link: Prehistoric Guys Podcast #24: Paleolithic America and the Solutrean Hypothesis
Dr. Bruce Bradley is an Emeritus Professor of Prehistory and Director of the Experimental Archaeology Masters Programme at the University of Exeter. He is recognized as one of the foremost flint knapping experts in the world. We talk to him about his career, his current work and outline the story of Clovis and Pre-Clovis culture in the Americas as it is currently understood. We then turn to the idea for which he is best known, the ‘Solutrean Hypothesis’.

Podcast Link: Seven Ages Audio Journal Episode 28: The Gault Site, and the Solutrean Question
In the interview Dr. Bradley discusses his work as Co-Principle Investigator at the Gault site in central Texas along with the vitally important discoveries being unearthed at this pre-Clovis site. The conversation then moves to the highly controversial Solutrean hypothesis and the work of Dr. Bradley and his co-author of the book Across Atlantic Ice, the late Dr. Dennis Stanford. Interview tarts at 21:00.