The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), founded in 1879, is the oldest and largest international archaeological organization. It is a membership organization that provides public outreach, publications and archaeologically oriented activities to scholars, students and enthusiasts who simply want to learn more about the fascinating field that is Archaeology. Over 100 local societies in the U.S., Canada and Europe host lectures and other programs and serve as hubs for archaeological outreach within their communities. I’m proud to say that the Milwaukee Society, founded in 1968, is one of the most active.

Membership Information

If you are not already a member of AIA, please consider joining. Your membership in the international organization brings with it membership in your local society—the Milwaukee Society. Your membership dues help to support the activities of both the international organization and the Milwaukee Society and help us sponsor programs featuring both national and local experts who come to Milwaukee to speak directly to us about their field work and research, or who are available through AIA’s virtual platform to speak to the world—including Milwaukee—about their work. Membership dues also help the AIA support students and scholars in the field, the lab and the library and help the AIA advocate for preservation of sites
and cultural heritage.

As a member you also receive benefits. Every member receives a subscription to AIA’s colorful, lively and informative Archaeology magazine and has the option of subscribing to the online or print version of AIA’s premier scholarly journal, The American Journal of Archaeology. Members also receive discounts for the AIA’s Annual Meeting, eligibility to present at the Annual Meeting and to apply for AIA’s scholarships and grants, $100 off your first AIA Tour, and other kinds of travel discounts. K-12 educators, active-duty military and students with appropriate ID receive a generous discount on membership dues. Most of all, you have the satisfaction of belonging to a vibrant archaeological community that is actively promoting knowledge of archaeology within the wider world.

The easiest way to join AIA is through their website: www.archaeological.org/join/.

There you will find further information about different levels of membership dues and the benefits of membership at each level. And when you do join, please pick the Milwaukee Society (society code 532) as your local affiliation. We look forward to welcoming you as a

Jane C. Waldbaum, Acting President

2022-2023 Programs

Welcome to the Archaeological Institute of America-Milwaukee Society’s 2022-23 season of lectures and special programs. It will be a hybrid season with two in-person speakers on October 16, 2022 and March 12, 2023, and seven “virtual” speakers throughout the season provided by the AIA’s national office in Boston.

The schedule for Fall 2022 is as follows:

International Archaeology Day, Special Program

Saturday, Oct. 15, 1:00pm CT
“Diving For the Clotilda: The Archaeology, History, And Legacy of The Last Known Slave Ship”

Join AIA for a special virtual event where we’ll explore the wreck of the infamous slave ship discovered in 2019 in the Mobile River in Alabama. You’ll hear from the archaeologists exploring the shipwreck, the historians researching its history, and the descendants of the people who were brought over on the ship, as they work to preserve the Clotilda and ensure that its legacy and its stories are not forgotten. This is a FREE event but you must register: Event Registration

In-person Lecture

Sunday, October 16, 2022, 3:00pm
Dr. Fotini, Kondyli, “City Making in Byzantine Athens”
Sabin Hall, Room G90, 3413 North Downer Ave., Milwaukee

Virtual Lectures

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 9:00pm, Central Time (CT), repeated Wednesday, Sept. 21, 6:00pm CT
Dr. Krish Seetah, Stanford University, “New Approaches to the Archaeology of Disease: Climate, Imperialism and Malaria in the Indian Ocean”

Thursday, Sept. 29, 1:00pm CT
Dr. Krish Seetah, Stanford University, “Healing the Body: How Scientific Archaeology is Revealing the Medicinal Practices of Enslaved People”

Tuesday, Oct. 18, 9:00pm CT, repeated Wednesday Oct. 19, 6:00pm CT
Dr. Alaka Wali, The Field Museum, “Inclusive Museum Narratives: Contextualizing Collections through Collaboration.”

Thursday, Oct. 27, 1:00pm CT
Dr. Alaka Wali, The Field Museum, “Representing Native American Perspectives on Time: Examples from the Field Museum.”

Tuesday, Nov. 15, 9:00 pm CT, repeated Wednesday Nov. 16, 6pm CT

Tess Davis, The Antiquities Coalition, “Blood Antiquities: Tomb Raiders, Art Smugglers and the Black Market in Cultural Treasures.”

Thursday, Nov. 19, 1:00pm CT
Tess Davis, The Antiquities Coalition, “The Wild, Wild East: Combating the Black Market in Ancient Asian Art.”

NOTE: All lectures are free and open to the public. However, you must register for the virtual lectures. To register go to AIA’s Virtual Lectures website.

The virtual lectures will be recorded and will be available to watch on AIA’s You Tube channel a few days after the scheduled lecture, if that is more convenient for you.